Reasons to Live in Caledon

Reasons to Live in Caledon

Posted on by Starlane

As much as we all love being a part of the city hustle, mornings are not the greatest when you are rushing to work and are stuck in dreadful traffic. Leaving only 5 minutes after your scheduled departure is a huge and unfortunate difference in travel time. It does not matter which route you take, the congestion on the roads never seems to disappear.

Turns out, you do not have to suffer sitting in your car for long. Instead of wasting gas because you are stopped in traffic, taking country roads allow you to arrive to your destination on time. Without the stressful commute of having too many people on the road, the drive is smoother and more relaxing.

Living in Caledon will give you these perks. New homes in Caledon are affordable and designed with both a modern and traditional aesthetic. This blends nature and elegance in one place.

The best part? Coming soon to Caledon is Starlane’s Phase 2 of Lotus Pointe. Phase 1 was a great success and homebuyers were raving about their new homes, so Starlane Homes decided to release another collection and provide homeowners with what they want. Near Lotus Pointe, you will find accessible transportation routes like Highway 10 and Old School Road.

Along with the easy commute, below we will show you why living in Caledon is a good idea:

1. You’re Safe! - Caledon has been ranked one of the safest locations to live in Canada. Take a walk around town, meet and get to know your friendly neighbours!

2. Farm Fresh - With the open roads come the open fields where fresh and delicious produce is grown and picked. Enjoy a healthy home cooked meal from local cafés or cook yourself up something by purchasing the produce from nearby markets and grocery stores.

3. Enjoy the view - Caledon is surrounded by tress and natural attractions. Walk through the Caledon conservation area and explore the trails and fresh air.

4. Discover the villages - Take the time and visit the villages in Caledon and discover the charm each place has to offer. Yearly festivals take place in the small town and are a great experience for new homebuyers to gain a sense of community.

For more information on Phase 2 of Lotus Pointe and new homes for sale in the GTA, visit our website and register today!