Things to Do in Waterdown

Things to Do in Waterdown

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Starlane is excited for Phase 2 of the upcoming Mountainview Heights, located in the community of Waterdown. At Starlane, we are constantly looking for great neighbourhoods like these, which is exactly why we are looking forward to this stunning collection of new homes, showcasing a selection of semi-detached homes and large singles perfect for your family. This fantastic development is in a wonderful area, surrounded by many amenities and things to do for fun. If you didn’t already know some of the amazing things to do in Waterdown, we are here to help you out!

Life in Waterdown

Waterdown is a great place to live all year-round. There are so many amenities across the community including delicious restaurants, quality schools, quaint shops and fun parks, just to name a few. For example, you can indulge in a delicious dinner at Angel’s Diner, a unique 1950s style eatery known for their ribs, as well as the large selection of breakfast items. Waterdown is truly a place you will enjoy every day.

The summer season in Waterdown is guaranteed to be a spectacular time of the year. Waterdown is known for their great outdoors Farmers’ Market, located at Royal Canadian Legion. Here you will find delicious food products such as fruits, vegetables, organic wine, pastries and so much more. Waterdown is also packed with stunning natural tourist attractions, like the Great Falls where you can enjoy a wonderful hike and striking views.

Starlane has hand-picked this location in Waterdown to meet the needs of a wide variety of homebuyers. Offering an effortless and peaceful lifestyle, without having to sacrifice modern conveniences, Waterdown is a great place to live! For all the latest information about new homes in Waterdown, make sure to register today. Visit our website to learn about upcoming communities across the GTA!