How to Make Good Use of Your Time in Self-Isolation

How to Make Good Use of Your Time in Self-Isolation

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If you’re starting to feel a little stir-crazy during self-isolation, worry not! We have put together a list of some of the best ways to make use of the extra time on your hands while still adhering to the guidelines set out by the government.

Take the time to declutter Did you take part in the KonMarie Method craze that stormed the nation last year? Were you devoted to decluttering and only holding on to items that brought you joy? Whether your answer was yes or no, there’s never been a better time to jump on the band wagon and clear the extra clutter out of your home. Spending more time at home will help you notice the things that are just taking up space and never get used. Use this time to pack those items away until you can donate them to a local charity shop once things go back to normal.

Organize the pantry

For many of us, the pantry is what could be called “an organized mess”. We know where everything is because everything has its place, but if someone else were to try and find something in there, they’d be stuck searching for quite some time. A great way to use your extra time right now is organizing the pantry. Put the things you use most often on the shelves that are easiest to access. Group things together by type – cans, spices, baking ingredients, etc. You know that spice you had never heard of that you bought because you needed it for a new recipe, but you haven’t used it since? Time for it to go, along with items past their expiry date. Next time you’re on the hunt for something specific in the pantry, you’ll be happy you took the time to sort through it.

Do a deep clean of the house

Cleanliness has been on the forefront of everyone’s minds for the past few weeks. If you’re home and have time to kill, it’s time to do a deep-clean of the house. After you’ve done some decluttering and organizing, tackle the bigger areas and surfaces, followed by hard to reach places: walls, floors, and doors followed by ceilings and ceiling trim, light fixtures and baseboards. Next, do a thorough cleaning of all your windows (including sills and tracks), and then dust and wipe down all of the surfaces throughout your home such as tables and counters. It may seem like a big undertaking, but the result is worth it.

Reach out to old friends

When was the last time you sat down and called up your old friends from back in the day? Life is busy, and it can be hard to find the time to check-in on people we don’t get to see often. Picking up the phone and checking up on people in your life is a great way to help you feel more connected to the outside world during self-isolation, and also shows them that you’re there and care during this difficult time.

Learn a new skill

New skills are time consuming to learn, but can be incredibly fulfilling. Whether its baking, painting, playing an instrument or even speaking a new language, taking the time to learn a new skill will leave you feeling proud and accomplished when this self-isolation period is over. There is an array of online resources that you can use to learn new skills, such as Masterclass, Skillshare and even videos on YouTube.

Learn some new recipes

Many of us are guilty of remaking the same recipes over and over again. Now that we have a little extra time on our hands, we can use the opportunity to refresh our repertoire by learning some new and exciting recipes. Use websites such as Pinterest, AllRecipes, Epicurious and more to help you find some fresh ideas to put on the table to impress your family and your tastebuds.

Cross some things off of your “meaning to” list

All of us have a “meaning to” list. Whether its movies you’ve been meaning to watch, books you’ve been meaning to read, or junk drawers you’ve been meaning to organize, now is the perfect time to start crossing names off the list. If you’re one of the rare folks that doesn’t have a “meaning to” list, make one! Think of some things you’ve always sort of wanted to try and use this time to give them a shot.

Get outside

It can be hard to find the time to get outside when your routine has a careful balance or running the household and having a career. Now that spring has arrived and the weather is warming up, it is a great time to get outside and get some fresh air. As long as you’re within the rules and regulations set out by the government regarding best practices during COVID-19, it’s the perfect chance to make up for all the months we spend cooped up inside during the winter. Spend the day in the backyard or on the balcony and soak up some much-needed vitamin D. To read the most up to date rules and regulations, visit the following link:

Take the opportunity to practice self-care

We’re all guilty of putting off self-care rituals because we don’t have enough time. If we take the optimistic approach and look at our current situation like the glass is half-full, it’s possible to see this as an opportunity to focus on our self-care. What that means is different for everyone, but whatever self-care looks like for you, try and use the extra time you have right now to implement a little more of it in your daily routine.

This is a stressful time, but it is important that we do our best to stay positive! We can’t wait to get back to our everyday routines, but for now, we will continue to make the most of our time. To stay up-to-date with everything going on at Starlane Homes, make sure you register here.

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