Get Inspired at the Design Centre!

Get Inspired at the Design Centre!

Posted on by Starlane

Buying a new home is an exciting and inspiring time. Each Starlane home comes with stunning standard features but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inject your own personality into this new home. Making a house feel like a home is one of the greatest parts of the home buying process. That’s why Starlane encourages you to visit the brand new 8,000 sq. ft. design centre. After finalizing your purchase, the Design Centre will be at your disposal!

Upon visiting the Design Centre, the knowledgeable staff here at Starlane will be available to help you through the selection process. Together, every piece of the process will come together flawlessly. Decisions aren’t easy to make, especially with such an overwhelming collection of options. That’s why our experts will help with each step.

Your bathrooms, kitchen, flooring and other finishing touches will all be decided at the Design Centre. The bathroom options include an assortment of tiles, spas and shower fixtures to choose from. The kitchen cabinetry and accessories at the Design Centre will also leave you speechless! The flooring options range from imported ceramic tiles all the way to spectacular hardwood floors. Not to mention pot lights, paint colours, mouldings, door handles, backsplashes - the list of possibilities goes on!

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