4 Ways to Prep your Lawn for the Fall

4 Ways to Prep your Lawn for the Fall

Posted on by Starlane

Summer is coming to an end, but that does not mean you can stop caring for your lawn just yet! Now is actually the most important time to ensure you keep your landscaping in check. The dropping temperatures have a huge effect on yard appearance once the spring comes around, which is why managing it in the fall keeps the grass alive and healthy during the colder months. Begin the preparation by following these 4 tips:

1. Continue to Water the Grass

Contrary to belief, summer is not the only time to water your grass. You should continue to do so until the ground freezes. Once a layer of ice covers your lawn, no nutrients are being absorbed into the grass which is why you want to properly hydrate it prior to this so that during the period of deprivation, your grass still has enough nutrients to remain healthy.

2. Rake the Leaves

A good sign that fall is under-way is by taking a look outside and seeing all the leaves from the trees on the ground. Although this may be a very picturesque view, you want to eliminate any blockage and debris that covers and prevents the lawn from obtaining its nutrients.

3. Aerate Lawn

By raking your leaves and removing any weeds from your lawn you are exposing the grass to air, which gives the lawn nutrients and water to grow healthy.

4. Mow Shorter than Usual

There is nothing more annoying than having to cut your lawn every few weeks, but luckily grass grows slower in the fall and you do not have to worry about trimming it as often. However, to avoid mowing your lawn in the cold altogether, cut the grass shorter than usual and by the time spring comes around you can give your lawn a nice makeover.

Enjoy some time outside and make a day of cleaning your lawn, and although you might be dreading the idea of doing work, just imagine how beautiful your lawn will look next summer.

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