4 DIY Storage Solutions

4 DIY Storage Solutions

Posted on by Starlane

Whether you recently moved into your new home and have boxes everywhere or items just keep piling up into the hallway, you should invest in storage space within your home. If you have junk laying around that you never use, then it is best to get rid of it; out of sight out of mind. However, there are essentials items we need but have nowhere to put, and we have the solution for you!

Staying organized helps make your home appear nicer and not to mention, it will be a lot safer to walk around without tripping over excess clutter. The best way to store something without getting rid of it is to disguise it. Check out these cool DIY storage solutions to de-clutter your home space:

1. Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are a great way to organize while simultaneously adding aesthetic to your home by making an empty wall the focal point of the room. Anything can go on top of the shelves including picture frames, plants and books. It is a quick fix to your clutter problems. Installing shelves in your bathroom is also a great way to store towels and cleaning supplies. For an edgier look, create shelves in different shapes and sizes to complement your home.

Wall Shelves for Storage

2. Basket Case

Everybody loves a good gift basket filled with yummy foods and supplies. This time, instead of throwing the baskets in the closet, use them to safely store blankets or loose items around your house. Baskets can be easily stored away under cupboards and desks to avoid hazard.

3. The Travel Trunk

Do you have an old rustic trunk hiding away in your basement? Pull it out because vintage is back in style and is perfect for home décor. Disguise the clutter by filling your trunk and using it as a night stand or placing it at the foot of your bed.

Travel Trunk Storage Solution

4. Create a Pegboard

This is a board with patterned holes for pegs, using them to hang stuff that you would like to be easily accessible. Label each item for a more organized system, that way you are not searching through drawers to find what you need.

Do not consider these as temporary solutions, this is a lifestyle change for a better living experience. If you keep up with these tips to stay organized, you will improve your living quality permanently!

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