Starlane Homes Industry Recognition

At Starlane Home Corporation, we believe in doing what you love and doing it right. We strive to provide quality craftsmanship with each and every home. Our dedication has been recognized in the home-building industry with several acknowledgements by various organizations.

Starlane Homes is proud to be a member of renowned associations like Ontario’s Home Builder Association, BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association) and RESCON (Residential Construction Council of Ontario). Starlane has also been honoured with the Markham Building Excellence Award, which requires home builders to abide by Building Code standards and the Building Code Act as well as conduct exemplary site administration.

Starlane Home Corporation has been awarded the Certified Master Builder designation by the Residential Construction Council of Central Ontario (RESCON), this designation is awarded on the basis of:

Starlane is honoured to have received industry recognition by acclaimed organizations for our hard work. These acknowledgements encourage us to continue to aim for and exceed standards of outstanding craftsmanship. We promise that quality always comes first when building a Starlane home.